Let’s Ride


By Sky Foulkes

This past Saturday was a day for a bike ride and so that is just what I did; the 7th annual Tour de Bondville is in the books! On one of the best days so far this summer, about 130 riders took off from the Startingate Ski Shop on one of four rides (50, 50 alternate, 26, or 16 miles).

I rode the original 50 mile route which took me by Bromley, through Londonderry (and a wave to the Saturday farmers market), through Andover, down into Weston, back to Londonderry (this time I wanted to stop at the farmers market :-)) and then a finish through the “hills” on Winhall Hollow Rd. The route was designed to maximize the climbing, and that it does about 4000 ft worth, so let’s just say it is for the strong of heart (legs and lungs too!).


The other rides also have a fair bit of climbing too, this wouldn’t be a ride in VT without that, but are a bit tamer. It was a beautiful day to be out on the roads. And not only did I get some great riding in, the event raised over $28,000 for breast cancer research. How cool is that!? If you missed this year’s Tour, be sure to put it on your calendar for next year. But, in case you can’t wait that long, you’re in luck as there is another great bike event just around the corner (so to speak) the Vermont Challenge is August 14-18, http://www.vtchallenge.com. So get out and ride, it is just awesome!

See you on the roads.

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